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Weekly Conference Call for Saturday, September 29nd Welcomes Dr. John Kindle and Scott Redder

Join us for this week’s conference call on Saturday, September 29th as we welcome Dr. John Kindle and Platinum Associate Scott Redder. Dr. John Kindle is a family practice doctor who spent 5 years as the Chief of Palliative Care at the Riverside Hospital in Ottawa, Canada.  He has completed 38 years in Family Medical Practice in [...]

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Congratulations to Our Leading 90 Challenge Associates, They’ll Be VIPs in NYC!

  Recently we announced a special opportunity for all the Associates building in the newest Max 90 Day Challenge.  This October 2nd, Max International will be attending the Futures in Education Scholarship Fund Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City to recognize one of our close friends and Max Associate, NBA legend [...]

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Max 90 Day Challenge Update – Celebrating Our Qualifiers and Team Builders

  We’re almost into the last month for our 90 Day Recruiting Challenge.  In our last challenge we saw a big push during the last month and we want to replicate that success in October. You can’t afford to miss out on this Challenge because you have more ways to win and more prizes to [...]

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Tonight’s Max Sports Call Discusses Our Exciting New BSCG Certification

MaxATP has been certified by the Banned Substances Control Group to be certified free of any illegal or banned substances for athletic importance.  Just how big is this announcement?  Call in to tonight’s Max Athletes call to get the full details! If you have prospects who are thinking about joining Max, get them on this [...]

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A Special Message From Dave Bagley About New MaxATP Bottles and a Limited Time Offer!

  You may have already heard that we’ve redesigned MaxATP to be easier and more convenient to use. Just how easy?  Let Max International Co-CEO Dave Bagley show you! You heard him correctly, we have a special limited time offer on pre-sales for the new MaxATP. Act now and order before the end of the [...]

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Weekly Conference Call for Saturday, September 22nd Welcomes Dr. Paul Dixon and Dr. Bill Greenman

Join us for this week’s conference call on Saturday, September 22nd as we welcome Dr. Paul Dixon and Dr. Bill Greenman. Dr. Paul Dixon graduated from Medical school in the Dominican Republic in 1984. He is a family practice doctor at the Tiger Medical Clinic in Cagua, Puerto Rico.  Dr. Dixon will be discussing glutathione [...]

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August Rank Advancements

  At Max your success is what is most important to us, so we want to recognize those Associates who advanced in rank last month. Not only are you growing your business, you are changing lives!  We want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication. Yalong, Gregorio Jr. GOLD Saniel, Roseller A. SILVER [...]

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Is Caffeine Stunting Your Emotional Intelligence?

  A lot of us use caffeine-drinks like coffee and soda to get through the day, but could these “pick-me-ups” be doing more harm than good?  We’ve all heard about the inherent risks of using too much caffeine, including the old wives’ tale about how it can stunt your growth.  Caffeine may not actually stunt [...]

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Weekly Conference Call for Saturday, September 15th Welcomes Scott Momii and George Reninger

Join us for this week’s conference call on Saturday, September 15th as we welcome Max Executive Director of Product Management Scott Momii and Triple Diamond George Reninger Scott Momii is the Executive Director of Product Management for Max International.  His years of experience in product development have included overseeing and implementation of sales and marketing [...]

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Max Colombia Update From General Manager Victoria Martin

Dear Associates: I’d like to take this opportunity to greet all our dear Max Colombia Associates and wish you and the rest of our International Associates all the success in your businesses. In our continuing effort to improvement our online services and support, I´d like to share the following exciting announcements: Credit Card Installment Payments [...]

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