A Message Of Gratitude From Joe Voyticky and Jim Stevralia

Thank You.

You Are Why

We Are Max

A Message To Our Global Max Family

From Max CEO, Joe Voyticky, and Max President, Jim Stevralia

2017 has been a remarkable year as we at Max continue celebrating our  TENTH Anniversary as an international company.  As Thanksgiving in the United States approaches, we cannot help but think back on the journey to our amazing milestone. Revisiting our memories, we recall it all. From then until now, we have built a wealth of memories to last a lifetime and will always celebrate the remarkable path that has lead us here.

Thinking back and with a holiday of thanks on the horizon, we recognize that there are a multitude of reasons and many variables that contributed to this year’s anniversary. So it is that for all of these factors we would like to express our unwavering gratitude and extend our THANKS to all of the many people who have contributed to that success over the past years.

So many people have contributed to Max International’s success. All of you are responsible for our very existence. The time, passion, patience, and diligence you invested are why we are here today. These ‘investments’ included work, advice, referrals, counsel, and encouragement — all on a grand scale and obtained from many sources.  We are grateful for the contributions of our colleagues and employees; of ALL of our customers — both present and past; of our business partners who come from all over the world; and of our dedicated Associates. Without you we would not be here today.  Thank you to everyone who, at any time over these past ten years, has given a referral, an idea, a compliment, or even just a pat on the back.

In recognition of Thanksgiving in the United States, we urge each of you to think about the people around you who have helped you along the path of life.  Reach out, acknowledge, and thank them. Their support deserves your gratitude and your gratitude earns you more support. We share this THANK YOU with all of the Max relationships throughout the world. We especially encourage you to reserve thanks for those who you consider family. Throughout your life they have shaped your personality and influenced your successes.

As the official celebration in the United States commences on November 23, we want our Max Associates, Preferred Customers, and everyone in the Max Family in Puerto Rico to know that we stand with you always. You are not forgotten and you are in the hearts of this amazing and compassionate global Max Family.

With that, we extend a special thank you to those who have made contributions to our Puerto Rico relief effort and to those who support Max Puerto Rico in other meaningful ways.  For those who have the means to donate, we ask that you please consider contributing to the effort. All amounts —  big, small, and everything in between — make a difference to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.

It’s their turn. They need our help.


Together with all of the staff at Max we wish our partners, customers, and advisors — current and past —  a HAPPY THANKSGIVING in the USA and to all members of the Max Family around the globe, wherever you are. Enjoy your week, celebrate your life, and give thanks for all the amazing people around you. It is our hope that we cross paths again…..soon.

You All Are Why

We Are Max!


Joe Voyticky,  Max CEO
Jim Stevralia, Max President



Contribute through Bill Pay with the following info:

Israel Discount Bank of New York

Max International LLC / Puerto Rico Fund, Account #1318344.

Or send check to:

Max International LLC / Puerto Rico Fund, Account #1318344.

Israel Discount Bank of New York

511  5th Ave.

New York, NY, 10017

Or Visit Go Fund Me* at:


*Go Fund Me, for the use of their site and services, charges an 8% fee that is deducted from each donation.

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