Another Amazing Saturday Call! Dr. Gordon Crozier and Mike Lebrun Star As Guests

This Saturday Morning, October 7, get comfortable, relax and join us for this week’s Conference Call with host and Max International’s General Manager of North America, Bob Kaelin. Listen and learn as Bob welcomes Dr. Gordon Crozier and Double Diamond Mike Lebrun.

Dr. Gordon Crozier is a Board Certified OB-GYN and Anti-Aging physician. He has served as a Professor at the University of Kentucky as well as being in private practice for over 20 years.  Dr. Crozier’s private practice is Excellent Living— a practice that specializes in Lyme, Mold, myco-toxins, Hormones, and Cellular detoxification. Max Products are all about detoxification! Listen and learn as Dr. Crozier explains that there are differences in glutathione; what the benefits are of providing your body a way to naturally produce and increase glutathione, and he will explain why it is more effective to have our bodies produce glutathione than to take glutathione supplements.

Double Diamond Associate Mike Lebrun is back! He’s back to share his business knowledge. Mike is a successful, knowledgeable, and energetic Double Diamond Leader with a wealth of information that he shares willingly. Mike leads one of the most successful Max Teams in Canada. If you haven’t seen him there already, check out his presence on FB as his posts and activity are good examples of utilizing social media effectively. Mike plans to share why it is worth building a successful Max business and his amazing experiences with Max. He will also discuss the importance of the ‘invite’.

General Manager of North America, Mr. Bob Kaelin

Use your Saturday morning time wisely and call in to listen and learn. It doesn’t get any better or more accessible than this! Information like this is just another resource for you to Transcend.

Please join us for a great hour of stories and information.

Welcome these great guests at the usual time of

10:00 am Mountain
12:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time

Call 712-432-9606

Enter listener PIN number 247411#

See you Saturday

We Are Max!

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