Aug 12th Call Saturday Welcomes Dr. Gordon Crozier & Roussel Lamothe

This Saturday Morning, August 12, 2017,  get comfortable, relax and join us for this week’s  Saturday Conference Call with host and Max International’s General Manager for North America, Bob Kaelin. Listen and learn as Bob welcomes Dr. Gordon Crozier and new Gold Associate Roussel Lamonthe.

Dr. Gordon Crozier is a Board Certified OB-GYN and Anti-Aging physician. He has served as a Professor at the University of Kentucky as well as being in private practice for over 20 years.  Dr. Crozier’s private practice is Excellent Living — a practice that specializes in Lyme, Mold, myco-toxins, Hormones, and Cellular detoxification. Max Products are all about detoxification! Listen and learn as Dr. Crozier discusses the importance of staying healthy. Learn the behaviors to adopt and good habits to follow  to eat nutritiously for optimized health so you can  maximize your lives.

New Gold Associate Roussel Lamonthe has an engaging and inspirational Max Why story to share. He will be sharing his personal why and will be sharing the importance of overcoming obstacles and difficulties and why it’s so important to never give up.  As Convention approaches for North America, listen to all the reasons Roussel describes for making sure to attend as many Max events as possible.

See you Saturday.

We’ll save your seat.

10:00 am MST; 12:00 Noon EST

Call Number: 712-432-9606

Enter listener PIN number:  247411#

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