Dr. John Hoeffner and Eric and Liz Asare Featured on Saturday Call (July 8)


Join this week’s Conference Call on Saturday, July 8, as host and General Manager of North America Bob Kaelin welcomes Dr. John Hoeffner and Silver Associates Eric and Liz Asare.

Dr. John Hoeffner graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oskosh in Physical Education and Health  and Coaching. He received his degree in Chiropractic Medicine from the Life University of Marietta, Georgia. He is Board Certified in Atlas Orthogonist from the Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina. He also taught tennis at the University of Notre Dame. As you prepare to get outside and move around this summer, listen and learn as Dr. John discusses what it is about chiropractic methods that can help with both muscle and structural alignment. Learn why that little back pain can cause complications in our health. Dr. John will share his research on nutrition and why he recommends the Max products to both his patients and students.

Silver Associates Eric and Liz Asare  now reside in Ottawa, Canada, but are originally from  Ghana Both of them plan on sharing their personal My Max Why. Then listen as they describe why they are excited and looking forward to the Max events that are taking place next week in Ottawa, Alexandria, and Montreal.

As the heat of the summer nears, so does Max International’s 2017 Unify Convention. Get ready now and make sure to attend Max’s most important Event of the year. Learn the exciting details of this year’s 2017 Unify Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s Max’s 10-year anniversary all year and you won’t believe what we’ve got planned for you. Get the details, make your reservations, and be prepared for another Convention that you’ll have to see to believe.


Max’s Saturday calls are beneficial, informative resources that provide information you can use to significantly build your success. Take advantage of these convenient calls. Share what you learn and duplicate the best practices that our guests discuss.

Please join General Manager of North America and host Bob Kaelin as he welcomes three of Max’s dedicated, knowledgeable, and informative guests at the usual time of:

10:00 am Mountain Standard Time;

12:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time.

Call: 712-432-9606

Listener PIN number:  247411#

See you there!


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