Malaysia Shines Bright: Rachel Thomas New Double Diamond

Congratulations To

Max Malaysia’s Newest

Double Diamond!

Rachel Thomas

Having spent a lifetime as an educator and very successful network marketer, Rachel Thomas, Max Double Diamond, had no regrets when she decided to retire. Despite receiving many offers from other MLM companies, Rachel was content to remain retired until she learned about Dr. Nagasawa’s breakthrough Riboceine™ technology and the incredible vision of Max’s founder Steven K. Scott.

After joining Max in 2012, Rachel and her team faced a steep clim

b to build the Malaysian market from the ground up. Thanks to a  lot of hard work and personal commitment, she and her TLC team were able to celebrate the opening of Max’s Malaysia office in 2014. Now, Rachel is committed to continue to using her ethical practice of TLC – Tender Loving Care – to bring health back to people who suffer from physical issues and to bring financial blessings to many who have not had the resources or the opportunity to create better futures for themselves and their families.

Congratulations Rachel Thomas on achieving the rank of Double Diamond!

Max International


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