Raising the Bar at the 2015 Australia & New Zealand Convention


Inspiration, compelling scientific presentations, comedy, heartfelt emotion, innovative tools, simple and effective business building strategies, exciting launches and demonstrations, great food, networking opportunities, awards and recognitions, music and dancing – all part of what made a great Max event down-under.

The annual Australia & New Zealand Convention for 2015 was held at the Grand Ballroom of the impressive Q1 Resort and Spa in Surfers Paradise, Queensland Australia on the 6th and 7th June.  While many Associates told us that the 2014 AU/NZ Convention was the best Max event they had been to, the transformation of the 2015 event into a two day extravaganza with a party on the Saturday night raised the bar again.

The convention featured first class scientific, business and inspirational presentations:

  • Steve and Shannon Scott
    Max Significance,
    One Dream, One Vision, One Team, One Mission,
  • Peter Foss
    Corporate Leadership,
    Max Culture
  • Shayne Prendergast
    People and Change

Leading International Associates

  • Alan and Jean Sickman
    Building your Max business with the Enhanced Compensation Plan,
    Being an example

Scientific Presenters

  • Dr Scott Nagasawa
    Understanding the Science: Oxidative stress, Glutathione, and RiboCeine
  • Dr Sally McCormick
    The latest RiboCeine research in New Zealand
  • Dr Dean Stubbs
    Utilizing cellular signalling to Maximise Weight-Loss

Guest Presenter

  • Dean Mathieson
    The Prime 5 app.

Australian and New Zealand Diamonds

  • Nicole Rigato
    Launching and demonstrations with Visible Solutions 3.0
  • Marcus Schubert
    Building business on Autoship and simplicity with Prime 5
    Tailoring and scripting with Prime 5
  • Michael Firth
    Social media
  • Bernie Ogilvy
    Third-party credibility
  • Lynette Sims
    Rank advancement, Bronzes, and the Enhanced Compensation Plan,
    Teamwork and regional leadership – presented together with Phoebe Wallace
  • Phoebe Wallace
    Personal development and leadership
    Teamwork and regional leadership – presented together with Lynette Sims

The Friday night prior to convention had Max Gold Associate Stephanie Leighton accepting the challenge to MC her first major Max event much to the delight of the attendees. Co-Founder Steven K. Scott gave us a brief introduction to the inspiration he was going to continue to deliver throughout the weekend to the audience as a whole and to individuals over the course of the convention. Diamond Associates Phoebe Wallace and Marcus Schubert ably demonstrated how to present a Max Business Opportunity meeting and masterfully wove product and business testimonials from Kelly Da Costa, Bryce McGain, Tyron Mangakahia, Evelyn Webster, Shakti Selwood and Andre Davids into the evening.

Throughout the convention, attendees were entertained with quirky one liners and stories from our MC Comedian Jack Levi known and loved by many down-under as Elliot Goblet. Attendees also enjoyed some impressive culinary fare prepared by the talented Q1 Chef Chris and his team plus a mid-convention party on the Saturday night to meet, network, and show off some groovy dance moves.

To see a Convention photo compilation video put together by Diamond Associate Michael Firth, click HERE

The mission is to make each convention better than the last and the feedback this time has been has been very encouraging. We look forward to sharing an even better and more inspiring Convention next year to share the “One Dream, One Vision, One Team, and One Mission” idea with more Associates. Stay tuned for dates and venue announcements shortly for 2016!

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