Saturday Call Welcomes Dr. Gordon Crozier and Gold Associate Roussel Lamonthe

Host, Bob Kaelin

This Saturday Morning, February 11, 2017,  get comfortable, relax and join us for this week’s  Saturday Conference Call with host and Max International’s General Manager for North America, Bob Kaelin. Listen and learn as Bob welcomes Dr. Gordon Crozier and new Gold Associate Roussel Lamonthe.

Dr. Gordon Crozier is a Board Certified OB-GYN and Anti-Aging physician. He has served as a Professor at the University of Kentucky as well as being in private practice for over 20 years.  Dr. Crozier’s private practice is Excellent Living — a practice that specializes in Lyme, Mold, myco-toxins, Hormones, and Cellular detoxification. Max Products are all about detoxification! Listen and learn as Dr. Crozier discusses the importance of staying healthy. Learn the behaviors to adopt and good habits to follow  to eat nutritiously for optimized health so you can  maximize your lives.

New Gold Associate Roussel Lamonthe has an engaging and inspirational Max Why story to share. Max’s 10-year Anniversary and Kick-Off Event  quickly approaches. And Guess Who Is Going To Puerto Rico?  Yes, your host Bob Kaelin is, and so are Roussel and his wife, Anna! They’re excited and they have so many exciting reasons to be. Roussel will reveal why he and his wife, Anna, will  join all the Max Associates at:

Max’s North America Kickoff and 10 year Anniversary Event taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this coming Feb 24 and 25th.

Spoiler: Roussel and Anna will be stars in Max’s Got Talent and will be starring in a dance competition.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets, you should. This is another Max Global Event and it’s taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico — a destination suited to host the dynamic Associates, Max executives, and guests for a once-in-a-lifetime benchmark occasion.

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Click here to see why you need to be in Puerto Rico


Get your event tickets for only $125.00 at

Go, Go, Go!


See you Saturday.

We’ll save your seat.

10:00 am MST; 12:00 Noon EST

Call Number: 712-432-9606

Enter listener PIN number:  247411#

We Are Max!

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