Saturday Feb. 17 Call Welcomes Dr. Scott Nagasawa, Pharm D.!


On Saturday, February 17, 2018, tune in as host Michael Clapier, Max North America Sales Manager, welcomes special guest Scott Nagasawa, Pharm D.

Michael Clapier, Max International North America Sales Manager

Special guest Scott Nagasawa, Pharm D., one of the founders of Cellgevity, will discuss the importance and replenishment of Glutathione. Learn the key details and facts about maintaining and supporting glutathione production in cells and about glutathione-enhancing supplements.

Every Saturday, we’ll spotlight one specific topic related to Max and glutathione-enhancement and RiboCeine™and focus on the details you need to know to build your business. You’ll receive priceless information in just 20 minutes!

When you increase your knowledge, you:

  • Build your confidence.

  • Gain credibility with new prospects and recruit new Associates.

  • Improve your success.

  • Change lives for the better.

  • Effectively discuss all the benefits of Max’s superior products with Glutathione-enhancing, Riboceine™ Technology.  

The Saturday call is one of many great Max resources you can use to allow you to Look, Feel and Live… to the Max!

Be Ready For A Great Broadcast With

Scott Nagasawa!

Join The Conversation:

10:00 am MST, 12:00 pm Noon Eastern Time

Call: 712-432-9606

Listener PIN number 247411#

Access the recordings after the call on Max’s Soundcloud Channel.

The Saturday Call: 2018

Formatted for Efficiency.

Same time, same place.

Stay Informed. Be successful.

Talk with you Saturday!


Expand your knowledge. Then share what you know. You’ll have all the details and benefits to inform others of Max’s proprietary Riboceine™ technology and ways to improve their lives.

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