Saturday, Feb. 18th Call: Dr. Luis Valdes and Max CEO, Joe Voyticky!

Host, Bob Kaelin

Join us for this week’s Conference Call on Saturday, February 18, 2017, as we welcome Dr. Luis M. Valdes and CEO of Max International — Joe Voyticky!

Dr. Luis M. Valdes received his medical training from the University of Havana Superior Institute of Medical Science and did his surgical residency in Pinar del Rio, Cuba.  Dr. Valdes practiced as an Otorhinolaryngologist until relocating to Miami, Florida in 1995. Dr. Valdes will share some important thoughts and ideas and insight about healthy eating and healthy living and how to make your life the best it can be by improving your health.


Max CEO, Joe Voyticky, is excited and ready to join Saturday’s call because next weekend he’ll be in Puerto Rico for Max’s 10th Anniversary Kick-Off and it is going to be one for the records! Relax and enjoy your Saturday morning. Joe will be here with exciting information and details about next weekend’s benchmark event. He plans to share some of the exclusive details and agenda about the big event and other amazing things happening at Max in the year to come.

Max’s 10 Year Anniversary, North American Kick-Off Event in Puerto Rico Next weekend is going to be EPIC – a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of a decade of Max’s life-changing products shared with peoples all around the world by our unparalleled, unique, generous, committed, selfless Associates and Customers.  Come down to San Juan, Puerto Rico and rejoice in what you’ve built and will continue to build. Max recognizes you as the heroes who have been creating

Success with Significance — changing lives one day at a time, for the better. 

Call and book your flight today — there’s still plenty of time. Pack your bags and do it! Jet down and discover more amazing things about yourself, your business, your Max Family, and The World.

Save the date too.jpg

It’s your time to Transcend in the destination paradise of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

It’s where you want to be.

Click Here For All The Details Of Max’s Kick-Off Event In Puerto Rico

See Additional Info Here

Our guests and your host, General Manager of North America, Bob Kaelin, are very experienced and know about the life-changing benefits of Max products, how to manage a successful Max business, and how important and magical it is to be at one of Max’s global events.

Use your Saturday morning time wisely and call in to listen and learn.

Please join us for a great hour of stories and information.

Welcome these great guests at the usual time of:

10:00 am Mountain
12:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time

Call 712-432-9606

Enter listener PIN number 247411#

See you Saturday

We Are Max!

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