Share These Great Promotional Videos Featuring Steve Scott


When you’re in sales, you can’t ask for anything better than to have a billion-dollar business builder help you do your promoting.

That’s why so many of our Associates who attended the Las Vegas Kickoff Event were excited see the debut of two, new Max International promotional videos featuring Max International’s founder, Steven K. Scott.

These two new videos, Steve Scott Introduces His Latest Breakthrough Product and Steve Scott Presents a Way Forward in this Down Economy are specially designed to introduce the Max products and opportunity in a way that’s both dynamic and informative.

Steve Scott Introduces His Latest Breakthrough Product details Steve’s impressive resume of amazing products, features testimony from athletes and Associates about the powerful effect of the Max products, and ends with a powerful call to action.

Steve Scott Presents a Way Forward in this Down Economy introduces the powerful financial opportunity of Max International, features testimony from successful Associates who’ve found financial freedom and a powerful partnership with the company, and ends with passionate call to action from Steve.

While informative, both videos are under four minutes in length, making them perfect for sharing with other Associates, new prospects, and many other people in your life.  Share them directly from our YouTube page, or send your prospects to our two newest articles on Max Solutions.

Finding a Solution for Your Economic Instability plays the Down Economy video and goes in-depth about the financial difficulties facing Americans today.

Knowing What’s Real for Health and Wellness plays the Breakthrough Product video and explains why it is so important to use health products that are based on sound, scientific research.

Good partnership is key to the success of any business.  With Steve Scott as your partner, you’re getting great partnership.

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