Where Will You Experience Convention 2017?

Unifying Health. Unifying Opportunity.

Unifying The World.

Unified We Will Make Dreams Happen.

We have some incredible news! In 2017 Max International will unify people across the world in celebration of the incredible achievements of our Associates and the unmatched possibilities of our products. Max is reaching beyond borders, beyond limits, and beyond our wildest dreams as we bring the life-changing experience of our Convention to all four corners of the globe -

Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas!

Now, more than ever, we are looking to unify our community by sharing the passion and opportunity that each region and every individual brings to Max. Together we’re achieving our dreams, unified we are unstoppable.

Max International is taking its products and business opportunity to all corners of the globe – unifying people everywhere who have a dream of better health and financial independence.  Max Conventions are where leaders are made, success is rewarded, and our community is empowered.

Max’s Unify Convention offers world class speakers, exciting new reveals, global networking opportunities and innovative training to build your business. Best practices from our Max family all over the world will be shared!
Our most successful Associates can tell you, there is no better investment than attending a Max Convention!
Register for the Max Unify Convention Tour today! Please see contact info for all countries below.

Max Unify Tour Dates


Salt Lake City: Sept. 1 & 2,  2017 
Register here today!


Ivory Coast:  Oct. 13  and  14, 2017

Please register with the Max Ivory Coast Office:
Phone: (+225) 22522896
Email: cisupport@max.com

Nigeria: Oct. 20 and 21, 2017

Please register with the Max Nigeria Office:
Phone: +234 812 947 0656
Email: ngsupport@max.com

Ghana – October 28, 2017

Please register with the Max Ghana Office:
Email: ghsupport@max.com


Malaysia, Oct. 14, 2017 :

Please register with the Max Malaysia office:
Phone: +60374941270
Email: mysupport@max.com

Manila, November 18, 2017
Cebu: November 22, 2017
Davao City: November 24, 2017

Please register with the Max Philippines Office
Phone: 632.753.7777
Email: phsupport@max.com


Auckland, NZ:  Nov. 1, 2017

Brisbane, AUS:  Oct. 28, 2017
Melbourne, AUS;  Oct. 29, 2017
Sydney, AUS:  Nov. 4, 2017
Perth, AUS: Nov. 5, 2017

Please register with the Max New Zealand offi­ce:
(New Zealand): 0800 629 432
(Outside NZ): +64 9 579 8484

We look forward to seeing you!

Together, We Are Max.


Apporter la santé et le bien-être partout dans le monde

Jeter des ponts entre les continents pour partager l’opportunité et le succès financier

Unifier le monde

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