The Parkers! New Diamonds In Ghana!

Congratulations To Max Ghana’s New Diamond Associates

David & Phoebe Parker Allotey

With great excitement we at Max International extend a grateful and enthusiastic Congratulations to David & Phoebe Parker Allotey for your commitment and drive in accomplishing the prestigious rank of Diamond.  We proudly honor you for your remarkable advancement and commend you for achieving Success with Significance.

Your inspiration, integrity, and desire to improve your life and the lives of others reflect the true spirit of commitment, diligence, and caring of our global Max family. For your exemplary efforts establishing you as a role model for all Max Associates and for positively representing our Max  Mission and Vision we, your Max Family, gratefully thank you.

The Parkers’ Journey to Diamond

David & Phoebe Parker Allotey, The Parkers, from Ghana, have a son, come from large families, have big dreams, and work hard. Dr. Parker specializes in gynecology and Phoebe is a lawyer. They say, “Life before Max was very HARD”. Long working hours and phone calls regarding work when they were home limited their freedom. And their dreams to travel to exciting places and to provide their son with the very best future seemed far away and difficult to achieve.

Then, they were invited to a Max Opportunity Meeting and thought about the financial and personal freedom they could enjoy. On November 30, 2014, they joined Max. And on November 30, 2017, they achieved the rank of Diamond. Since joining Max, they have more freedom, they are inspired again by their dreams, they are proud and amazed about their personal development, and they say, “Life as a Diamond is AMAZING!”  And more people see that achieving the rank of Diamond is possible, especially with the help of exemplary Diamonds like The Parkers. Most importantly, they are creating a Max legacy for their son and future generations.

Congratulations again on building a legacy for yourself, your team, and all Associates who follow.


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