Welcome Dr. John Kindle and Sherry Werner To July 15th’s Saturday Call

Mr.Bob Kaelin, Max International’s General Manager, North America

Join this week’s Saturday Conference Call on July 15, 2017, when host and General Manager of North America, Bob Kaelin, welcomes Dr. John Kindle and Platinum Associate Sherry Werner.

Dr. John Kindle has been a family doctor in active practice for more than 37 years. In the mid 1990′s he was the Chief of Palliative Care at the Riverside Hospital in Ottawa, Canada. There he was first exposed to alternate treatments by his patients who introduced him to nutritional supplements to help their bodies heal. Listen and learn as Dr. Kindle discusses nutrition and shares information about the foods he believes you should eat and the foods you shouldn’t eat.  Call in to hear why being proactive about good health includes preventative care and how supplementing the body with Glutathione helps support the body’s immune system and promotes healthier cell function.

Platinum Associate Sherry Werner has extensive and diverse knowledge about how to successfully run a Max business. As an excellent leader and exceptional example for other Associates, Sherry has made Max a lifestyle by incorporating as many Max events she can attend as possible into her schedule and by using Max’s premier glutathione-enhancing products. She joins us Saturday to discuss the importance of being a product of the product. There is no better way  than first-hand experience to discuss and describe all the benefits of RiboCeine and Max’s Products. Sincerity and personal knowledge are good to have when developing your Max Why.

As the heat of the summer nears, so does Max International’s 2017 Unify Convention. Get ready now and make sure to attend Max’s most important Event of the year. Learn the exciting details of this year’s 2017 Unify Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s Max’s 10-year anniversary all year and you won’t believe what we’ve got planned for you. Get the details, make your reservations, and be prepared for another Convention that you’ll have to see to believe.


Max’s Saturday calls are beneficial, informative resources that provide information you can use to significantly build your success. Take advantage of these convenient calls. Share what you learn and duplicate the best practices that our guests discuss.

Please join General Manager of North America and host Bob Kaelin as he welcomes three of Max’s dedicated, knowledgeable, and informative guests at the usual time of:

10:00 am Mountain Standard Time;

12:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time.

Call: 712-432-9606

Listener PIN number:  247411#

See you there!


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