Welcome Guests Dr. Victor Brondo, Kandie Christian on Saturday’s Call, Sept. 9

Mr. Eric Anderson, Max Vice President of Support Services

This Saturday Morning, September 9, 2017, get comfortable, relax and join Max’s guest host, Mr. Eric Anderson, Vice President of Support Services, for this week’s Conference Call as Max welcomes  Dr. Victor Brondo and Bronze Associate Kandie Christian.

Dr. Victor Brondo has, for 36 years, been an emergency room and family practice physician. He has practiced in Orange County, California, and in Mexico. With a degree in Medicine from the National University of Mexico Medical School, he has dedicated his life to helping patients stay well and be healthy. Dr. Brondo discovered Max products and has done research on glutathione. He has extensive knowledge of the benefits of glutathione and he’ll provide more valuable insights about health, wellness, and the importance of glutathione enhancement.  Dr. Brondo attended last weekend’s amazing Unify Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. So, he knows all about Max’s Exciting New mega Omega product release of Max 357. Listen and learn about the importance of Omega Fatty Acids to your health and future. Take the time to expand your understanding and use the information as a resource to grow your business and improve lives for the better.

Make sure to watch the following video about Max’s Exclusive Product:  Max 357:

Bronze Associate Kandie Christian joins us from Alaska. Kandie also attended the Unify Convention and she’s going to share her experience at the first ever North America Regional Convention. And, get ready!  She’s set to reveal her personal Max Why.

Live your time wisely and to the Max. Call and listen to our knowledgeable, insightful guests with your host Eric Anderson. This is another great opportunity to learn,  to improve, and to broaden your personal and professional abilities.

Please join us for a great hour of stories and information.

We’ll save you a seat. See you then!

Welcome these great guests at the usual time of

10:00 am Mountain
12:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time

Call 712-432-9606

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See you Saturday

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